Fixed Column Jib Crane 3t

Fixed Column Jib Crane 3t

column jib crane mobile or fixed. Lifting capacity: 300kg to 5000kg. Rotation by manual or motor.

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Hefei kiwi Heacy Machinery Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer of overhead crane,jib crane and gantry crane.

Also supply crane components.

Goods description.

Floor Mounted Jib Crane Description

The floor mounted jib crane is designed for heavy lifting, lifting weight up to 5 ton, also can design according to user requirement, the cantilever can rotate 360 degrees, operate freely in the three-dimensional space, widely used indoors or outdoors production lines, warehouse areas, general workshop, assembling line, dock, etc.

it is a small and medium-size lifting equipment, simple structure, safe, reliable, high efficiency, operate convenience, turning agile, wide working conditions, energy-saving, time-saving, labor-saving, self- standing, manual or electric control, more heavy weight and working radius.


crane column 


crane jib

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