Six Considerations In Operation Of Single-Beam Overhead Cranes

- May 18, 2018-

Six Considerations in Operation of Single-Beam Cranes

    1.Before operating the crane, it is necessary to check various lifting tools to ensure the completeness of the lifting tools. It can't be used for lifting if the tools are defective.

    2. In the same situation of single-girder cranes we also have to check the ropes, it must be confirmed that the ropes are firm, not loose or broken. If you are tying a ribbed object, you need to protect it between the object and the rope to prevent the rope from breaking.

    3. Workers have to pay attention to the fact that the center of gravity of the heavy objects must not be found, and the phenomenon of diagonal pulling must not occur. For special lifting items, workers need to be operated from the side.

    4. When lifting an object ,You must wait for a while and wait until the goods are stable. It is also forbidden to station people on the weight prohibition. When lifting, no unrelated person may pass under the object.

    5. The safety measures for work should be improved. For example, when workers wear safety helmets, they must have professional personnel to conduct unified command, and all departments should coordinate work. When the object is off the ground, it is necessary to check whether the wire rope and other components are safe. If it is not safe, you must stop the inspection.

    6. The use of single-girder cranes must not allow lifting objects to stay in the air for a long time.

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