Selection Of Single And Double Girder Cranes

- Jul 22, 2017-

(1) Selection of Tankiliang crane and double main girder crane

Usually, the weight of less than 50 tons, span within 35 meters, no special use requirements, it is advisable to choose a single main beam type. If the width of the door leg is large, the work efficiency is higher, or the heavy parts are often hoisted, the two Liang cranes should be chosen.

(2) span and cantilever length

The span of double girder crane is an important factor to affect the quality of cranes. In the selection, in accordance with the conditions of equipment and meet the span series of standards, should minimize the span.

(3) The principle of determining the tread

(a) The stability requirements of the door frame along the track direction of the crane are satisfied;

(b) The shape of the goods must be able to pass through the leg plane steel frame;

(c) Pay attention to make track B and degree s a proportional relationship, generally take the track = ($number $number) s.

(4) Determination of spacing size of double girder cranes

In the work, the external size of two-girder cranes and the cargo and transport vehicles in the yard should be left with a certain space size, in order to facilitate loading and unloading operations. General transport vehicles in the span of loading and unloading, should be maintained with the door leg 0. 7m above the spacing. The spreader should be 0 when not working with the transport vehicle. 5m above the spacing, cargo door leg, should be 0. 5m above the spacing.

(5) Selection of electric equipment for double girder cranes

It shall conform to the relevant provisions of gb/t14406 1993 of general purpose double girder cranes.