Safety Operation Code For Cranes

- Jul 22, 2017-

First, the operator must hold the induction certificate, the work must concentrate.

Second, when the succession, should be the controller, brakes, hooks, wire rope, safety devices and lubrication points of the lubrication state to check, and carry out a no-load test, inspection of the lifting mechanism and the operating mechanism of the State.

Third, before driving must ring or alarm, operation in close to the person should be intermittent ringing or alarm. There is no one under the hanging arm or hanging object.

The operator shall obey the conductor of the linked work, and carry out the operation according to the command signal of the linked worker, and the lifting object is strictly prohibited from crossing the head.

Five, the following conditions are not allowed to hoist, suspended object overload or weight is not clear, embedded objects, tied hanging is not secure, suspended objects on the person or floating objects, the work site is dim, no oblique object, there is explosive possibility of dangerous goods.

The limit device shall not be used to stop the switch.

VII. No adjustment and maintenance is allowed during operation. The maintenance must cut off the power supply and hang the sign or lock.

Eight, turn off the main power before or during the sudden power outage, all control handles should be 0. The lifting object is not put down and the operator is not allowed to leave the operation point.

At the end of the operation, the crane shall be anchored.

Ten, lifting the weight after the need to change the operation, must not exceed the scope approved by the machine, the operation of the crane on the ground should be monitoring the operation of the rail surface.

Xi, do a good job shift records, in a timely manner to the relevant departments to reflect the crane in operation found fault, strictly prohibit the crane on the safety device "man-made short access."