Requirements And Principles Of Selecting Tread For Single Girder Cranes

- Jul 22, 2017-

Single girder cranes in most cases need to select the lifting capacity below 50t, and the span is within 35 meters and there is no other special use requirement. can choose Tankiliang type. The requirements of different cranes in choosing the tread are of principle.

1, can meet the gantry crane along the track direction of the stability requirements;

2, the shape of the goods is to be able to smooth through the legs of the plane steel frame and operation, this is to be noted.

3, the need to pay attention to the track B and span s into the proportional relationship, generally take the track = (1/4-1/6) s, in the selection is needed to calculate well.

4, the final need for the same type of equipment tread. Single girder crane accessories in the selection of the use also need to choose according to the type of crane.