Precautions For Maintenance Of Cranes

- Jul 22, 2017-

Hoisting machinery used units to be used in the lifting machinery to check the maintenance, and the development of a regular inspection management system, including daily inspection, weekly inspection, monthly inspection, annual inspection, dynamic monitoring of cranes, abnormal situation at any time to find, timely treatment, so as to ensure the safe operation of lifting machinery.

(1) Day inspection.

The driver is responsible for the routine maintenance of the project, the main content is clean and hygienic, lubrication drive parts, adjustment and fastening work. By running the test safety device sensitive and reliable, there is no abnormal sound during the monitoring operation.

(2) Weekly inspection.

Jointly carried out by the maintenance workers and the drivers, in addition to the daily inspection items, the main content is the appearance of inspection, check hook, pickup device, wire rope, such as the use of the security status, brakes, clutches, emergency alarm device sensitive, reliable, through the operation of the observation of the transmission components have no abnormal noise, and overheating phenomenon.

(3) Monthly inspection.

The Equipment Safety Management Department organizes the inspection, with the use department related personnel to carry on together, except the weekly inspection content, the main power system, hoisting mechanism, revolving mechanism, running mechanism and hydraulic system of lifting machinery are inspected, and the parts of wear, deformation, crack and corrosion are replaced, and the electric control system is inspected, the feeding device, the controller, the overload protection and the safety protection device are reliable. Check the operation of the hoisting machinery leakage, pressure, temperature, vibration, noise and other causes of the failure symptoms. Through the observation of the crane structure, support, transmission position under the state of subjective detection, understanding of the crane machine technical status, check to determine the fault source of abnormal phenomena.

(4) Annual inspection.

The unit leader organizes the equipment safety Management department start, carries on together with the related department, in addition to the monthly inspection items, the main lifting machinery to carry out technical parameters testing, reliability testing, through the testing equipment, lifting machinery, the work of the wear parts of the machine, the metal structure of the weld, testing and inspection, through safety devices and components of the test, the lifting equipment operating technical status evaluation. Arrange overhaul, renovation and renewal plan.