Correct Operation Of The Overhead Crane

- Mar 25, 2019-

Correct operation of the overhead crane

   As an important equipment in various engineering work, bridge cranes have made important contributions to the progress of the work. The application of lifting equipment such as cranes has penetrated into various professional construction projects because it has a direct impact on the construction period and involves important equipment. The wide range of lifting and hoisting plays an important role in the entire site construction. Therefore, the correct operation of the overhead crane is particularly important.

   First of all, for newly installed cranes that have undergone overhaul or change important performance, they must be hoisted according to the relevant provisions of the crane performance test before use. Secondly, the unloading lifting and rotation should be carried out before each shift. , variable amplitude, front and rear operation, and safety performance test of brakes and limit devices. If the equipment of the bridge crane is faulty, it should be removed before it can be used officially; then when lifting heavy objects, the hook wire rope should be vertical and prohibited from hanging. The hook wire rope is dragged down to drag the suspended heavy object. When the hook has been hung but the heavy object has not been lifted, it is prohibited to move the position or make a rotary motion. It is forbidden to hoist items buried underground or condensed in the ground or unidentified; then when the heavy objects are hoisted and rotated, the speed should be even and stable, so as to avoid the danger of heavy objects swinging in the air.