Cause Of Oil Leakage In Crane Reducer

- Jul 22, 2017-

1, reducer inside and outside the production pressure difference: the speed reducer in the course of operation, the movement of friction and heat, and affected by ambient temperature, to increase the temperature of the reducer, if there is no vent hole or vent plugging, then the pressure in the machine gradually increased, the higher the temperature in the machine, the greater the pressure difference with the outside world, lubricating oil in the role of pressure, leakage from the gap.

2. The structure design of the reducer is unreasonable.

1 Check the hole cover plate is too thin, tighten bolts easy to produce deformation, so that the combination of uneven surface, from the contact Gap oil leakage;

2 in the manufacturing process of the reducer, the castings have not been annealed or aging treatment, the internal stress has not been eliminated, and the deformation is inevitable, resulting in the gap, resulting in leakage;

3 There is no return oil tank on the box, the lubricating oil accumulates in the axle seal, the end cover, the union surface and so on, under the pressure difference effect, from the clearance place outward leakage;

4 The design of shaft seal structure is unreasonable. Early reducer used oil ditch, felt ring-type shaft seal structure, the assembly when the blankets are compressed deformation, and the joint surface gap sealed up. If the contact between the axle neck and the seal is not very satisfactory, because the compensation performance of the felt is very poor, seal in a short period of time. Oil ditch, although there is oil back hole, but very easy to plug, the role of oil return difficult to play.

3, the amount of refueling: reducer in the operation process, the oil pool was stirred very badly, lubricating oil in the machine everywhere splash, if the refueling volume too much, so that a large number of lubricants accumulated in the shaft seal, the joint surface and so on, leading to leakage.

4, repair process improper: In the equipment overhaul, due to the combination of dirt on the surface of the removal of incomplete, or improper selection of sealant, seal the direction of the reverse, not timely replacement of seals, etc. will also cause oil spills.