Aluminum Alloy Crane Track System

- Dec 18, 2017-


Brief introduction of aluminum alloy track system

     Kiwicrane new product aluminum alloy track with high strength aluminum alloy 6063, surface anodized, the use of advanced T66 treatment, better wear resistance; aluminum alloy rail with a lightweight structure, easy installation, smooth operation, high strength, good wear resistance.

     In order to meet domestic and international needs, aluminum orbit with advanced ergonomic design concept, to meet the safe use of the premise, the use of more stable and effort, the noise is smaller, to provide users with a more healthy use of the environment.


hanging clip

Aluminum alloy rail installation is usually achieved through the lifting point, hanging point is the main means of connecting the track and the plant structure, according to the need to lift the design of two types: flexible lifting point and rigid hanging clip.

Most of the track installation uses a flexible hanging clip, flexible hanging clip can only carry the downward force, the lifting point can be intelligent according to the use of a certain range of swing, so you can reduce the excessive operation of the track system damage

 Rigid hanging clip are mainly used in the case where the upward bearing capacity is generated. The rigid hanging clip can be connected with the plant structure so as to meet the special requirements such as the telescopic beam system.