working grade of overhead crane

- Apr 11, 2019-

  The working level of the crane is a parameter indicating the heavy work of the crane. It is the parameter indicating the heavyness of the crane in terms of time and the full load. The hook type is divided into: A1-A3 (light grade); A4-A5 (intermediate) ; A6-A7 (heavy) three levels of seven major items. Lightweight (A1-13): Rarely hoisting rated load, generally lifting a slight load, mostly used in power station or other workplace installation and maintenance equipment, or workshops and warehouses that are not commonly used.

  Intermediate (A4-15): Sometimes lifting rated load, generally lifting medium load, used in heavy workshops and garages, cranes such as general machining and general assembly workshops.

  Heavy (A6-A7): As usual lifting load, generally lifting heavy load, crane is used in heavy work workshops and warehouses, such as long-term frequent hoisting of heavy items and metallurgical workshops