Precautions for maintenance of electric hoist

- Aug 06, 2018-

If it is a new equipment or an electric hoist that has not been dismantled, it will require an empty car trial run. Of course, in the electric hoist process, in the absence of equipment, do not power on the test run. Before using other hoists, you should check the extra load and increase the separation from the ground. The primary purpose of the static load test operation is to see if it is normal. Especially in the application process, in the allowed environment, perhaps exceed the extra load to use.

When testing the electric hoist, it is necessary to check whether the lower limit device is working normally. Otherwise, after the limit value is exceeded, the hoist will leave the predetermined trajectory and form an accident. When the hook movement is about to move to the extreme position, it is necessary to control the speed, adhere to the necessary interval, prevent the speed from being too fast, and form equipment damage. In order to ensure safety during the application process, the wire rope should be used, and the power supply should be turned off in time after use. It should be operated by professionals when used in peacetime. Training should be carried out before the operation of the hoist, including the operating specifications, related matters and so on. As long as you have sufficient knowledge of relevant knowledge points, you can ensure compliance with the application process. Especially in normal use, once the equipment is faulty, etc., the main power supply should be cut off immediately. In the process of use, pay special attention to the condition of the wearing parts.

The electric hoist's precautions for protection and maintenance also include regular lubrication of the lubrication points of the equipment. The primary lubrication points include gearboxes, bearings and other parts. And when selecting the lubricant, it should meet the requirements of the manual. When the electric hoist is used for lifting operation, it is generally required to add lubricating oil before use. Of course, the selected lubricating oil should not be too thick in viscosity, so be sure to add the corresponding amount. At the beginning of the first month of use, the demand is punctual, because there is a running-in process between the various components.

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