Precautions for Gantry Cranes

- Jul 22, 2017-

1, lifting the weight, the hook wire rope should be kept vertical, not inclined to drag suspended objects. 2, the lifting weight should find the right center of gravity, and strapping firmly. There is a sharp corner of the application Mat wood cushion.

3. The crane shall not make a slewing motion before the heavy lifting is lifted from the ground.

4, lifting or lowering the weight, the speed should be evenly stable, to avoid sharp changes in speed, causing heavy objects in the air swinging, dangerous. When you drop heavy weights, you should not speed up too fast to avoid breaking heavy objects when landing.

5, cranes in the case of lifting, as far as possible to avoid landing boom. The weight must not exceed 50% of the specified weight when lifting the boom.

6, cranes in the case of heavy lifting, should pay close attention to whether there are obstructions around, if there is obstruction should try to avoid or clear.

7, the crane arm pole must not have the personnel to stay, and avoids the personnel to pass through as far as possible.

8, two cranes operating on the same track, the distance between the two machines should be greater than 3m.

9, two cranes together hanging an object, the weight should not exceed two total weight of 75%, two cranes walking, hanging and putting action to be consistent.

10, lifting, luffing wire rope should be inspected once a week, and make a good record, the specific requirements according to the relevant provisions of lifting wire rope.

11, empty wagon walk or slewing, hook to the ground above 2m.

12. When the wind is over six, it should stop working immediately. TMK should be the arm to the downwind direction and appropriate fall low, the hook will be linked. The gantry crane shall be made of iron wedge (stop rail) and lift the hook to the upper limit. At the same time close the doors and windows, cut off power, pull the cable wind rope. Usually after the completion of work should also follow this process.

13, the crane platform is strictly prohibited stacking miscellaneous things pieces, in order to prevent the fall injury in the operation of people, often used tools should be placed in the operating room of the special tool box.

14, in operation, not to suddenly change or reverse, so as not to cause the heavy weight in the air swinging, also not allowed to start more than two (including the auxiliary hook) operating mechanism.

15, when driving, the operator's hand must not leave the controller, the operation of the sudden failure, should take measures to safely land, and then cut off power, repair. It is forbidden to overhaul and maintain in operation.