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- Dec 18, 2017-


Crane Reducer gear common troubleshooting approach

December 18, 2017

As the reducer operating environment is poor, often wear, leakage and other failures, the most important are:

1, reducer bearing chamber wear, which also includes housing bearing housing, housing bore bearing chamber, gearbox bearing chamber wear;

2, reducer gear shaft wear, the main wear parts in the shaft, keyway;

3, reducer drive shaft bearing wear;

4, reducer joint surface leakage.

For the wear problem, the traditional solution is welding repair or machining after plating, but both have some drawbacks: the thermal stress caused by the high temperature welding can not be completely eliminated, which can easily lead to material damage, causing the parts to bend or fracture; Brush plating coating thickness limit, easy to peel, and the above two methods are used metal repair metal, can not change the "hard to hard" with the relationship between the combined effect of the force will still cause wear again. For some large bearing enterprises is unable to resolve the scene, depends on the Association to repair. Contemporary Western countries in view of the above problems and more use of polymer composites repair method, which has superior adhesion, excellent compressive strength and other comprehensive performance. Application of polymer material repair, can be removed without disassembly Free machining without weld heat stress effects, repair thickness is not limited, at the same time products with the metal material does not have the concession, shock absorption equipment can absorb shock to avoid re-wear Possible, and greatly extend the service life of equipment components, saving companies a lot of downtime, creating enormous economic value.

In view of the leakage problem, the traditional method needs to disassemble and open the reducer, and then the replacement of the gasket or the application of the sealant is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive but also difficult to ensure the sealing effect and leak again during operation. Polymer materials can be field leakage management, materials have excellent adhesion, oil resistance and 350% of the stretch, to overcome the impact of reducer vibration, well for enterprises to solve the problem of reducer leakage.

Reason Analysis of Gearbox Oil Leakage

The reducer inside and outside the resulting pressure difference: reducer operation process, the kinematic friction and heat by the impact of ambient temperature, the reducer temperature, if there is no ventilation holes or vents blocked, the machine pressure Gradually increased, the higher the temperature inside the machine, the greater the pressure difference with the outside world, the lubricating oil under pressure from the gap Leakage.

2, reducer structural design unreasonable

1) Check the hole cover is too thin, easy to produce deformation after tightening bolts, so that the bonding surface is uneven, leakage from the contact gap;

2) reducer manufacturing process, the casting is not annealed or aging treatment, internal stress is not eliminated, the inevitable deformation occurs, resulting in gaps, leading to leakage;

3) there is no tank back to the oil, oil accumulation in the shaft seal, end caps, joints and other places, under the pressure of the role of leakage from the gap;

4) Shaft seal design is not reasonable. Early reducer use oil ditch, felt circle shaft seal structure, the assembly of the felt compression deformation, and will seal the gap with the surface. If the journal and seal contact is not very satisfactory, due to poor compensation performance of the felt, the seal failure in a short time. Although the oil ditch back to the hole, but easily clogged, difficult to play the role of oil return.

3, too much fuel: reducer in operation, the tank was stirred very powerful, splashing around in the machine, if the fuel is too much, so that a lot of oil accumulation in the shaft seal, the combination of surface and other places, Cause a leak.

4, improper maintenance process: Equipment maintenance, due to the combination of dirt removal is not complete, or improper selection of sealants, seals installed in the opposite direction, the timely replacement of seals can also cause oil spills.kiwicrane company supply SEW/ABM/NORD crane drive gear reducer.

Countermeasures for Reducing Oil Spill in Reducer

1, improve the ventilation cap and check hole cover: reducer internal pressure is greater than the outside atmospheric pressure is one of the main reasons for oil leakage, if you try to make the machine, the machine pressure balance, oil leakage can prevent the reducer, although there are breathable cap , But the vent is too small, easy to be clogged with pulverized coal, oil, and open the inspection hole cover for each refueling, once opened to increase the possibility of oil spills, so that the original did not leak leaks. To this end, made an oil cup-type breathable cap, and the original thin check hole cover to 6 mm thick, the oil cup-type breathable cap welded to the cover, the ventilation hole diameter of 6 mm, easy ventilation, To achieve the pressure, but also refueling from the oil in the tank, do not open the inspection hole cover, reducing the chance of oil spills.

2, smooth flow: To make the gear thrown on the bearing excess lubricant is not accumulated at the shaft seal, you must make the excess oil flow back to the tank along a certain direction, that is to achieve smooth flow. The specific approach is to open a chisel in the center of the bottom of the bearing block back to the oil tank, at the same time in the end cap straight mouth also open a gap, the gap is right back to the oil tank, so that excess oil through the gap, back to the tank flow Back to the pool.

3, to improve the shaft seal structure

1) The output shaft is a half-shaft reducer Shaft seal improvement: Belt Conveyor, screw unloader, impeller coal feeder and most other gear reducer output shaft for the semi-shaft, more convenient to transform the disintegrator, remove the joint Shaft, remove the reducer shaft seal cover, in accordance with the supporting skeleton oil seal size, outside the original cover car processing tank, fitted skeleton oil seal, spring side to the inside. When reassembling, if the cover is 35 mm above the inner side of the coupling, install an oil seal on the shaft outside the cover. Once the oil seal fails, remove the damaged oil seal and push the oil seal into the cover. Save the body reducer, split coupling and other time-consuming and laborious processes.

2) Output shaft reducer shaft seal to improve the whole: shaft reducer output shaft drive shaft coupling, if in accordance with 2.3.1 program transformation, the workload is too large and not realistic To reduce the workload and simplify the installation process , A split end cap was designed and an attempt was made to open the oil seal. Can be split cover the outer side of the car processing tank, the first oil seal installed when the spring out, saw the oil seal was open, the oil seal from the opening set on the shaft, with the adhesive to open the mouth, the mouth up, reload On the spring, push the end cap can be.kiwicrane company supply SEW/ABM/NORD crane drive gear reducer.

4, a new type of sealing material: Static sealing point for the reducer leakage can be a new type of polymer repair material sticking If the reducer static sealing point oil leakage, surface engineering technology available oil surface emergency repair adhesive - polymer 25551. And 90T composite repair materials to block, so as to achieve the purpose of eliminating oil spills.

5, conscientiously implement the maintenance process: In the reducer overhaul, we must conscientiously implement the technical procedures, the oil seal can not be installed anti-lip, lip damage, the outer edge of the deformation, the spring can not be off, the joint surface to clean, sealant evenly, refueling The amount of oil can not exceed the scale ruler.

6, wipe: reducer static sealing point through the management, generally can be achieved impermeable, but the dynamic sealing point due to seal aging, poor quality, improper assembly, high surface roughness of the shaft, making an individual seal point is still moving There is a slight leakage, due to poor working conditions, coal dust stick to the shaft, it seems a piece of oil, so need to stop running equipment, wipe the oil on the shaft.kiwicrane company supply SEW/ABM/NORD crane drive gear reducer.