Jib crane wire laying precautions

- Dec 11, 2017-


Jib crane wire laying precautions

   Cables on the jib crane should be laid in trunking or metal pipe, metal hose laying in the case of wire slot or metal pipe inconvenient laying or relative movement. The cable is allowed to be laid directly, but protective measures should be taken where there is mechanical damage, chemical corrosion and oil erosion. Different agencies, different voltage and voltage levels of the wire, wear pipe should be separated as far as possible. Lighting lines should be laid separately.

   Single-core wires (or cables) with an AC current of 25A or more are not allowed to wear metal tubes individually. The bending radius of cable fixed laying shall not be less than 5 times the outer diameter of cable, the bending radius of flat mobile cable shall not be less than 10 times of cable thickness, and the bending radius of circular moving cable shall not be less than 8 times of cable outer diameter. Outdoor use of jib cranes, cabs, electrical rooms and electrical equipment into the hole, trunking and line-in and out of the line should take measures to prevent rain. Trunking should not accumulate water. Transmission of low-voltage, low-power cables, not with the power cable or different voltage levels of the same cable using a multi-core cable, if necessary, should also be shielded cable.

   Junction box cavity, there should be sufficient lead space. Locking measures should be used to prevent the terminal block. Appropriate professional factory production of stereotypes products. Wire through the pipe or metal holes, holes, there must be protective measures to prevent wire wear. Wires or trunking should be as far as possible lead to the vicinity of electrical equipment, people may reach the wire must be laid in the trunking or metal tube.

   Both ends of the wire should be used without falling off the cold-pressed copper end, the wire and the end of the connection must be dedicated cold-pressing clamp will be pressed. The ends of the conductor shall have a permanent identification mark in accordance with the circuit diagram or wiring diagram. All conductors are not allowed intermediate connector, the lighting line allows the transition terminal near the equipment connection. Trenches, driver's cab under the floor and other wire piles of place, the wire should be arranged into bundles, and marked with the wiring diagram consistent wire harness number.

   Jib crane copper core, multi-strand, sheathed insulated wire, the driver allowed to use uncoated copper core, multi-strand, plastic insulated wire. Crane mobile cable, should be nitrile flat PVC flexible cable, rubber flat flexible cable, heavy rubber sheathed flexible cable or cable. Jib crane cross section of not less than 1.5mm2 multi-strand single core wire or multi-strand multi-core wire 1mm2. Cross-sections of connection lines for electronic devices, hydraulic servos, sensing elements, etc. are not specified.