Gantry Crane Type

- Jul 22, 2017-

① Ordinary gantry Crane: This crane uses the most extensive, can carry a variety of pieces of goods and bulk materials, starting weight under 100 tons, the span of 4~35 meters. The ordinary gantry crane with grab bucket has a higher working level.

② Hydropower Station Gantry Crane: Mainly used for lifting and closing the gate, but also for installation operations. The weight reaches 80~500 ton, the span is small, is 8~16 m, the rise speed is low, is $number m/min. Although this kind of cranes is not often hoisted, but once the use of the work is very heavy, it is necessary to improve the working level.

③ Shipbuilding gantry Crane: used for slipway assembling hull, standing there are two lifting trolley: One has two main hooks, running on the rail of the flange of the bridge frame, and the other one has a main hook and a auxiliary hooks, running on the track of the lower flange of the bridge, in order to flip and hoist the large hull segment. The lifting capacity is generally 100~1500 ton, the span reaches 185 meters, the hoisting speed is $number m/min, and the fretting speed is 0.1 ~ 0.5 m/min.

④ Container gantry Crane: for container terminals. The towing trailer transports the container carrying bridge from the ship to the yard or rear, which can expedite the turnover of the container carrying bridge or other crane by loading up the container gantry crane yard or carrying it directly. Can be stacked high $number layer, wide 6 rows of container yard, generally used tires, but also useful rail-type. Compared with container straddle truck, the container gantry crane has a larger span and higher height on both sides of the door frame. In order to meet the transport needs of port terminals, this crane has a higher level of work. The lifting speed is 35~52 m/min; the span according to the need to cross the container row number to determine, the maximum of about 60 meters, "single box" operation of the container weight of about 40.5 tons, "double 20-foot box" operation from the weight of 61 tons and 65 tons of two specifications.