electrical control device maintenance inspection

- Jun 06, 2018-

Crane equipment erection machine electrical control device maintenance inspection

(1) Control device

Check whether the electrical accessories are complete , whether the mechanical fixation is firm, no looseness, no jamming, whether the power supply cable is aged or bare, and the insulation material should be good. No damage or deterioration; the connection points of bolt contacts, brushes, etc. should be reliable; the electrical equipment and electrical components selected on the crane should be compatible with the power supply and working environment and working conditions. Kiwicrane supply crane and components.Bridge machine manufacturers believe that the supply of bare wire should check whether the external painting and indicator settings meet the requirements; The supply of flexible cables should check the cable retractable is reasonable; The collector should check the full length of sliding wire without bending, no card contact reliable.

(2) Electrical protection

In the crane feeding line should be set up easy to operate the main disconnector, the crane should be set up emergency power switch, and check whether the total power supply can be cut off. Check whether the crane power supply and each agency are equipped with short-circuit protection, voltage loss protection, zero-position protection, over-current protection and overspeed and loss-of-magnetism protection of special cranes. Check the complete effectiveness of protective devices such as electrical interlocks, interlocks, and locks. Check the insulation resistance of the electrical circuit, whether the grounding of the electrical equipment and the grounding resistance of the metal structure meet the requirements. All metal appliances with normal uncharged electrical equipment on the crane, transformer iron core and metal insulation layer, threaded metal pipe trough, cable metal sheathing, and metal structures shall have reliable grounding (zero) protection.