Electric hoist contactor daily check points

- Jan 11, 2018-


Kiwicrane Electric hoist contactor daily check points

January 11, 2018

1 electric hoist contactor magnet contact area should be greater than 75%, the contactor can not skew the magnet can not be blocked, and the magnet surface to be kept clean. At the same time to ensure short-circuit ring intact, no fierce noise.

2. No leakage coil, fixed firmly, the heating temperature should be below 75 ℃.

3. Arc shield intact, not card contacts, arc suppression coil is not short-circuit.

4 contacts on the drip hole copper hole flat, contact polished, mechanical strength is not enough or super-stroke reaches the required value, the replacement of new contacts.

Contact contactor contact width should be greater than 3/4.

6. lifting electric hoist contactor contact pressure calculation method:

Contact final pressure Fz = 22.0.5 · LE / 100 (Le: rated current)

Contact initial pressure of Fe = 0.5Fz

7. The contact should be sufficient open distance and overtravel.

8. A contact at the same time contact that is not more than about 0.5mm deviation.

9. Interlocking contact over travel is 2-4mm, the pressure is 1.3-2.5N.

10. Requirements lifting hoist contactor light and flexible movement, bearing lubrication often need to be lubricated.

11. Positive and negative contactor mechanical interlock should be adjusted properly, when a contactor contact will contact, the contact of the other contactor is not closed, the gap of not less than 3 mm.

12. Keep each thread is not loose, tight screws, the insulation to keep clean.

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