Drs Wheel Block Systems

- Oct 25, 2017-

  • Type: Drs Wheel Range

  • Tower Crane Type: Various Kinds of Cranes

  • Power Source: Electric

  • Application: Construction Usage, Workshop Usage, Container Usage, Mineral Area Usage

  • Main Girder Form: Various Kinds of Girders

  • Moving Type: Wheel

Complete travel units provide decisive advantages for drive applications. All components are perfectly matched

and pre-assembled ready for fitting – from the travel wheel, housing and connecting arrangement to the

gearbox, motor and frequency inverters for electronically controlled travel. Complete travel units give you the

certainty of solid planning and a reliable investment.Solutions for specific industries

There is hardly a manufacturing industry in which raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products

do not have to be transported, merged, transferred,distributed or assembled. In many applications, special

operating conditions and functional requirements have to be taken into consideration.

If required, wheel blocks can be protected, for example,by special design measures against aggressive media.

Or they can be fitted with electronically controlled drives,which enable them to accelerate even more quickly,

travel at uniform speeds and position with precision.DRS wheel systems ensure that floor-level travel units

and systems can also negotiate tight curves with radii down to 10m, operating just as well indoors as outdoors.

- Universal
Can be used for wheel loads from 5 t to100 t,span from 10.5m to 31.5m,crane classification group from A3 to A5
- Maintenance-friendly
Every components can simply be pulled out from the front of the block
- Flexible
Different configurations for connecting as per clients' request
- Field-proven
Series components ensure maximum performance
- Reliable
High quality drives for every situation
- Compact
With space-saving pancake gear on request
-Your choice
On request, drives equipped with VFD frequency inverter
 Easy to Install and Rigid Design
The tight design and position tolerances of the housing and corresponding precise geometry in all planes ensure that Yuantai wheel blocks can be easily fitted to your installation, with starting and braking characteristics which are gentle on the runway. In addition, special stiffeners guarantee high rigidity.
Features of Dongqi DRS wheel blocks system
Materials of the crane wheel
The crane wheel of the wheel blocks dare made of high strength nodular cast iron, the comprehensive performance of which is similar with steel, with the features of high rigidity, toughness, and wear resistance, etc.
Wheel block shell
The shell of the wheel blocks are made by one piece casting.
Wheel bearings
The bearing of DRS wheel blocks are deep groove ball bearing, which is durable, low maintenance, low friction, high maximum speed, simple structure, and low production cost, and high accuracy, etc.
Compact design,Space-saving
High load-carrying capacity bearing system
Convenient installation
Easy refueling
Low noise
High efficiency
Long lifetime