composition of the bridge crane

- May 11, 2019-

The composition of the bridge crane

    Bridge cranes are generally made up of bridges (also known as carts). Lifting mechanism, trolley, cart moving mechanism, control room, trolley conductive device (auxiliary slip line), crane main power conduction device (main sliding line) and other components.

    The bridge is the basic component of the bridge crane. It consists of the main beam, the end beam and the walking platform. The main beam spans over the inter-span, and has a box shape, a truss, a web, a round tube and the like. End beams are connected at both ends of the main beam, and a walking platform is arranged on the outside of the two main beams, and a safety railing is provided. A large vehicle moving mechanism is installed on the walking platform on the side of the cab, and a device for supplying power to the electric equipment of the trolley is installed on the other side of the walking platform, that is, the auxiliary sliding line.

     A guide rail is placed above the main beam for the trolley to move. The entire bridge crane is moved along the guide rails along the length of the workshop under the drag of the cart moving mechanism.