column jib crane

- Sep 14, 2018-

column jib crane 125kg to 5000kg

It is a high-quality lifting equipment with high cost performance. It can be used for equipment with large lifting load and meets high production efficiency requirements. The lifting capacity can reach 5 tons and the span can reach 7 meters. The advantages of the cantilever crane are as follows:

Lightweight and portable: the ultra-light cantilever crane can be ground-moving. The fixed column cantilever rotation mechanism uses copper bushings and high wear-resistant brass graphite for easy rotation and precise positioning. It is an ideal lifting device for production stations such as machine tools. equipment.

  Low running noise: no welds, one-piece bracket parts provide a strong guarantee for low noise;

Full rated load application: 15% of the rated lifting capacity of the cantilever crane is the total weight of the hoist and hoist trolley, and 25% is the load, which effectively ensures the efficient use of the weight of the jib;

Easy to install: The column is bolted to the concrete floor. The two ends of the cantilever crane are right-handed for easy leveling; all parts including the stop block are bolted.