bridge crane brake

- Jul 25, 2018-

Innovation and application of control components for bridge cranes.

The positioning accuracy of the bridge crane is an important requirement for the crane. Most of them adopt the corner code disc, the gear chain, the laser head and the key hole to ensure the positioning accuracy is usually 3mm. The accuracy higher than 1mm requires an additional positioning system. In the improvement of crane lifting speed and brake, the crane hook with low speed operation is accurately positioned, and the brake system of the crane is also controlled and monitored by micro processing.

The remote control system is used for bridge cranes and other electric hoist bridge crane transport machinery, which not only saves manpower, improves work efficiency, but also improves the operator's working conditions.

The distance detection side collision device of the crane adopts a radio signal type anti-collision device. The anti-collision device is composed of a three-phase system for monitoring the driving distance of the front end of the crane. Generally, a signal warning is first issued, and then the vehicle speed is reduced to 50%. Finally, cut off the motor power and brake.